About Us

GreenGold BambooTech has vision about echo friendy bamboo products in the eve of global warming warning days. We encourage every one to avoid timber and use bamboo as bamboo is very fast growing material and has better structural quality than timber. Bamboo’s tensile strength is much hgher than mild steel.

Bamboo Fencing

Contemporary, stylish and elegant truly describes bamboo fencing, bamboo poles, bamboo panels and all our wonderful eco-friendly bamboo products featured in our store. Bamboo provides an exotic tropical look, which alone makes it our most popular products.

Developed originally for resorts and theme parks, our bamboo sold here is made only from the highest quality shoots grown on the market, which is hand selected for durability, strength and commercial grade quality. The bamboo fencing, poles and panels are the same products used in movie sets, hotels and resorts. The material is easy to work with and adheres quickly and readily for near-instant contemporary, tropical or Polynesian mood.


All natural matting comes from the South Pacific where the art of creating matting from the natural leaves of the palm tree is a centuries old tradition passed down from artisan to artisan, generation to generation.

The flexible and durable matting, achieved through intensively focused labor by hand, can be cut or trimmed without the risk of unraveling. Glue or staple the matting to any surface and begin to realize a tropical ambience immediately.